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Vredeveld Aziatische Kunst
Vredeveld Aziatische Kunst

The largest collection of original antique Buddha statues.

Own import from Burma

19 June

Pure Land Buddhism - Amitabha Buddha

By Gaurav Manandhar at

Pure Land Buddhism
Pure Land Buddhism is one of the prominent Buddhist tradition in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Most of the Pure Land Buddhist sutras and teachings are based on Amitabha Buddha.

One of the most widely practiced Buddhist traditoins in East Asia is Pure land buddhism. Pure Land Buddhism is believed to be the early branch of Mahayana Buddhism and in Pure Land tradition, most of the Buddha teachings are mostly based on Amitabha Buddha or Amida Buddha.

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12 June

The Buddhist Councils

By Gaurav Manandhar at

Buddhist Council
Buddhist Council that were held at the different centuries has changed the course of Buddhism and has impacted on the different tradition of Buddhism such as early Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism.

Buddhist Councils are the some of the important that changes the flow of Buddhism. After Lord Buddha attained Parinirvana in Kushinagar, India, many Seniors monks such as Mahakassyapa and Upali were concerned about the lessons, preachings of Dharma and discipline of all Buddhist monks.

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